About Plain

Plain is an alternative rock band based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 


The name Plain has been used since 2012. Back then it was a solo project where songwriter Albin Samuelsson uploaded his new songs to Soundcloud to let his friends listen to his work. He has always liked melancholic melodies that has a pop hook, and also the raw sound of heavy instruments. With the punk attitude in his voice, he ended up with a powerful sound with a dark undertone. 


However, the idea was never for Plain to continue as a small solo project. He needed a grandiose sounding band with him on stage, and the band started to take shape during the summer of 2016. Since then he has had some difficulties finding the right members, trying various people out. After recording Refinements with his former band mates, he teamed up with bassist Simon Magnussen and drummer Rémi Valet and they are now putting on a show for you guys. 


Many songs that you hear nowadays often have little-to-no meaning at all, or are essentially about the same things over and over again. Albin, though, has always used his songs to talk about matters that are important to him, and really doesn’t want to repeat himself in either music or words. More often than not his lyrics talk about issues he sees in this world. 


Plain has now released their debut album Refinements and it has already caught more than 15 000 listeners' attention. Refinements is available for stream and download on any platform. 

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